100W 17.6V Semi-Flexible Solar Panel All Black For Outdoor

100W 17.6V Semi-Flexible Solar Panel All Black For Outdoor

Model No.︰SP-SPF100


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 110 / pc

Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

This bendable solar panel is a good choice for curved surfaces of RV, boat,sailboat, yacht,truck, car, coach, cabin, camper , tent , trailer, golf cart or any other irregular surface.

Traditional solar panels are hard and usually sealed with toughened glass. flexible solar panels are significantly different from traditional solar panels. It is only 0.1 inches  tall and weighs only 3.97 pounds, making it ideal for marine use or placed on top of a truck or vehicle. And solar panels are easy to transport, install, hang and disassemble.

The junction box is sealed and waterproof. The Panel is highly stain-resistant and easily gets cleaned by the rain. Highly resistant to the harsh operating conditions of a marine environment.

Thin and lightweight, easy to transport and remove

6 stainless eyelets at the edges for easy installation; can be easily affixed by adhesives, silicon glues, double sticky tape, zip ties or velcro


Waterproof Junction Box with Diode Inside. Provide complete protection against environmental particles and low pressure water jets

Extension Cable

Extension Cable attached on the back with Male/Female Connector for easy connection.

Easy installation

Six evenly spaced metal grommet mounting holes are available to attach fasteners. it can also be mounting using adhesive or Velcro.


Easy to clean. Be free from maintenance, rainfall cleans the dirt due to its nonstick surface





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